Here Is A List Of The Best Protein Foods


For the body's hormonal and healthy immune system, muscle building, and replacing and restoring tissues you need protein. People who love working out and training should include a lot of proteins in their diet. Keep reading to see the best protein sources.


For an athlete who is a vegetarian the protein rich foods at to consume include Tamari soy sauce, pumpkin raw leaves, almonds, cashew nuts and walnuts,  egg whites both raw and fresh, cottage low fat cheese, spirulina and dried seaweed, leafy and cowpeas either drained or cooked.


These are the plant and animal based protein foods at What Protein. They include eggs, red meat, liver, pork, yogurt, white meat like fish or chicken, dairy products, swiss and cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, hard parmesan cheeses, soft cheeses, nuts and seeds which have been a good protein source over the years. The peanuts, almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts  which be roasted or eaten raw. Another food that is rich in protein is the lentils, chickpeas, haricot beans, flagelot beans, split beans all of which are seedpods or dried beans, spirulina and the seaweed known as algae not forgetting the food grains for the promotion of building muscles.


Children are also expected to have a good amount of protein for their good growth and also as it helps in fight infections. However you want to ensure you do not overfeed them with too much of protein as it can end up causing allergies.  


In today's technology fruits can either be eaten drived, canned or frozen. It does not matter how they are presented they still remain nutritious and among the high protein foods. Vegetables that have protein, minerals, vitamins and vegetables are also known to have good proteins to keep you healthy. Seitan is a substitute of meat that is made using water and wheat flour mixed. It is kneaded and water rinsed to remove any bran or starch. This type of protein is cooked with soya sauce and becomes seitan. The broth from seitan is delicious. Discover more facts about protein at


Now do you want to build your muscles without the use of excessive use supplements in a very short time?  The use of whey protein is also another recommended protein. It is a food that is proven to be good in protein. If you stick to the best protein foods you will get enough energy and your muscles will be productive. Get a good eating plan and maintain it. There is no use consuming only high protein foods if they are not properly used.

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